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My Honda CRX SiR



My current car is an 1991 Honda CRX SiR (Japanese Import)

Being the SiR model it's powered by the renowned B16 1.6l DOHC VTEC engine, achieving easily in excess of 100ps per litre in standard trim. This is pretty spectacular for an engine design that made it's debut way back in 1990.

Being a Japanese market model it also comes with many extras not available outside Japan such as electric folding mirrors, climate control and has a metal roof (no sunroof).


It's now quite an old car in age (though not in performance) but I'm reluctant to change due to it's unique go-kart feel. It also manages to be unbelievably practical and cheap to run at at the same time. Compared to other cars of the same age, the build quality is extremely high, and it shows as they just keep on going. Like all old Honda's they last so long that typically rust gets the better of them before any of the mechanicals fail. 

It will have to be replaced one day, but with what I don't know - it's hard to find a car as unique as fun as a MK2 CRX. The only realistic alternatives I'd consider are a DC2 or DC5 Integra Type-R. Many an owner has sold their CRX only to regret it, and end up switching back or buying another or to have as a weekend car.