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Before placing an enquiry please make sure you have read the following:

  1. The frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  2. The terms and conditions.

To reduce the time it takes to respond to enquiries I can no longer accept them via e-mail - you must complete this form. I will then reply to you via e-mail.

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Model Civic, Integra, CRX, Prelude etc..
Year Year of manufacture e.g. 1991
Type VTi, SiR, DX,
Engine B16A1, D16Z6, H22, etc..
Chassis EF8, EK9, DC2,

        Cluster & Options:

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Connection Method Click here for more info.

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Please note any additional information here, for example changes to the engine management system (ECU) or fuel tank & sender if they are not the factory fitted items. If you have a question that has not already been answered in the FAQ please let me know here.


Please review your information then click the Submit button to send the request, or Reset to clear the information and start again.