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Removing the Front Panel



1. Remove the two screws from the top cover.
2. We must first remove the CD mechanism.
3. Remove the two screws at the front of the CD mechanism.
4. Lift out the CD mechanism and sit it on the rear of the unit.
5. With a small screwdriver slide out the two locking lugs on the CD's ribbon connector and the cable should fall out. Put the CD mechanism to one side.
6. A view with the CD mechanism removed.
7. Remove the two screws behind the front panel.
8. Remove the small screw at the top of the front panel on each side.
9. Release the lugs on the front panel connector.
10. Lift up the rear of the ribbon cable and slide it out from the connector.
11. Note the red connector to the right side of the panel assembly.
12. The front panel assembly can now be lifted up and removed.