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Price List

Last Updated 31-03-2008

Prices quoted are in UK Pounds, to convert this to your own currency use one of the many currency converters available on the internet, such as this one here (this is a guide only, and the exact exchange rate will vary depending on method of payment).

S2000 Conversion - With custom loom


This includes:
  • Conversion of speedo, fuel and temperature gauges to allow the cluster to operate with standard Honda sensors.
  • User-programmable fuel and temperature gauges.
  • Odometer reprogramming - transfer your car's existing mileage.
  • Activation of KPH/MPH switch if your cluster is a JDM model.
  • Tailored wiring harness with flying leads.
  • Set of connectors and pins to crimp/solder onto your car.

The final cost is dependant on the vehicle you are fitting the cluster to, please submit an enquiry with your details to get the final amount.


S2000 Conversion - Without loom


Same as above but does not include the custom adapter loom tailored to your vehicle, and assumes you have the stock connectors for your S2000 cluster. This method is more complicated to install than the above option so please remember to take your own ability into account.


Machining of Cluster for EE8/9 & EF8/9


To fit the cluster neatly in the MK2 CRX, it needs to be machined down to clear the stock surround. As this is a delicate operation you may not wish to attempt it yourself.


Alteration of Red-Line


For those that would like the rev counter on their S2000 dash lowered to match their engines limits - take a look here for examples. The stock S2000's redline is at 9000 rpm for the 2.0L engine and 8000rpm for the 2.2L.


Installation - On Site

No Charge

Installation of the S2000 cluster in your own vehicle is free of charge if you are prepared to visit me (central Scotland, U.K) although I will require the cluster shipped to me  1 week prior to the installation date. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please mention it in the notes section of the enquiry form.


Installation - Off Site

Please Enquire

I am also prepared to install the cluster at your own location, please choose the appropriate option on the enquiry form.


Shipping Costs

Varies With Service

Shipping naturally varies depending on destination and will be calculated when you submit an enquiry. I will only ship items using a recorded and insured service.

To place an order, please fill out the enquiry form by clicking here.